A New Creations Baby Has Arrived

I love all these crazy statistics of how we spend our time, apparently on average we spend10.3 years of our lives working, 70% of our waking life on social media, and the average employee spends 2 years of their life sitting in meetings! When it comes to family, we spend on average 49 minutes a day with them, being part of Creations is fantastic, as we are like one big family anyway. Loyal to one another, bicker from time to … Continue reading

Christmas… Already?

Look And Feel A Million Dollars This Festive Season I can’t believe we only have 12 weeks to go until Christmas, It feels like summer isn’t quite over yet, and if you are anything like me, I am still desperately trying to hold on to my flip flops and refusing to get my coat out of the wardrobe! But as we all know, 12 weeks will fly past us in a flash, and if you wander around Chichester at the … Continue reading

If it’s good enough for Rapunzel!

Then its good enough for you! Through the ages it has been significant for men and women to grow their hair long, or never cut their hair, this can be a cultural, and religious reason. Nowadays, women use their hair more for confidence, and sex appeal. Our hair is the gown we never take off, it doesn’t matter if we have the most expensive dress and draped in beautiful jewels, if our hair doesn’t feel right or look right, it … Continue reading

School’s Out!

The Summer Holiday Juggling Act The Summer Holidays have begun now for many families, and being a parent, you really have to step up to the challenge of being Super Woman (or Man) to be able to handle the 6 week summer holiday… Mum I want this… Dad can we do that, then you have the stresses of work, still trying to maintain your career. Then there is the house… no one ever cleans it like you do, and no … Continue reading

Addicted To Africa!

An Awe Inspiring Trip October is creeping up fast and the 4 of us are getting excited for our trip to build a home for a family in need. For me personally I am looking forward to seeing all the children at the school we sponsor. Here at Creations we have raised £3000 on top of what we need to build a house so that a school of 500 children, 300 of them orphans, can have breakfast every school day. … Continue reading

Battle with Blonde – Stay Bright This Summer

  When it comes to summer and an increase in temperature there are a few things you’re guaranteed to see. A sea of pasty legs, Crocs being worn as ‘going out’ shoes (I know!!) and of course lighter hair colour for us all. With our highlight sale in full swing the questions I am most asked are how to make my highlights last longer and how I can me have natural looking ‘sun-kissed’ hair. Well my darlings I will attempt … Continue reading

Creating Experts at Creations

Becoming experts in the field of hair and beauty is at the heart of the Creations culture, which is why the investment in education is over £10,000 per a year! Take a look at the new ways we are improving our team! Holly Heath and Claire Eason have successfully completed the new Redken Color Certification Course. Claire and Holly are now a professionally endorsed certified hair colourist and one of a select group of hairdressers in the country to have … Continue reading

Hair Raising – Fundraising!

The team at Creations have so much planned over the next few months and knowing how supportive you all are I thought I should keep you abreast of what is happening. On October 22nd 2015 Carla, Michelle, Claire and Holly will return to the Kwazulu Natel region of South Africa to continue the work of the 2014 Creations in Africa team. Each of them needs to raise £2500 in order to go on the trip and to raise enough for … Continue reading

Hair Trends For Him In 2015

Not one to ever leave the boys out, this week we look at the trends in male grooming for 2015. I’m sure you have all noticed the huge growth in men’s facial hair from designer stubble to the handle bar mustache! Sorry girls but your men are going to have the bristles for a while longer! Here are a few easy to achieve looks for men for Summer 2015. The Topknot Call it a man bun, a mun, a topknot, whatever … Continue reading

Have more FUN this Summer – Blondes are back!

You may have noticed for yourself that everywhere you look in the media is BLONDE. With the launch of new Redken blondes (accredited to Kim Kardashian) hitting salons in London and the US this week it is safe to say that we are all going to have a little more fun this summer! Blondes are everywhere from celebs having short blonder bobs to Holly Willoughby becoming the face of home colour brand Nutrisse. The revolution in free hand colouring by … Continue reading