From ‘baby lights’ to ‘woodstock waves’ we have it covered for 2015.

There are many trends in hair cuts and colours for 2015 and lets face it who doesn’t need a little pick me up! Last year saw a trend in short cuts which are now being grown out. So the question I am most asked is how to make a bob less ‘mumsey’ and a little more sexy. Blondes are back with a vengeance and its goodbye to Ombre and hello to ‘baby lights’ and bolder highlighting.


TGraduate Fashion Week 2012 - Gala Show And Awardsrend One – The Woodstock Wave

This is already a favourite of mine and recently had a lot of press in vogue and for those strictly fans Caroline Flack has lead the way in turning a plain bob into sexy soft waves without the hair looking ‘overdone’. With many clients asking to leave the salon looking natural and not overdone as back in the Cheryl Cole days. This is my top tip for anyone growing out a short haircut and giving the bob a fresh, fun and youthful look. Using your stylers and running down the hair twisting the styler creates a soft wave. Alternate the direction for a choppy result and twisting away from the face at the front.



sombre-hair-color-trendTrend Two – Baby Lights
Baby lights, is a process that involves micro attention to the painting process. Essentially, the colourist takes the “weave” of hair (which is industry speak for the section they’re going to paint), and then splits it in half. The result is less colour placement at the root so hair colour gets stronger as you look down the hair. Ideal for colour shy clients, those wanting to move on from Ombre and perfect if you don’t have the time for regular colour.




102214-miranda-kerr-594Trend 3 – Bold lights
A little of this trend can transform a look. Colour is placed underneath your parting for flashes of colour and around the face for highlighting the face is a gorgeous look made popular by Jenifer Aniston. It can be used to give a new update version of Ombre that looks more delicate than some of the ‘dip dye’ horrors we see walking around. A flash of colour around the face instantly opens the face up.



Here are a few images to inspire your new look 2015!  To book a full lifestyle consultation with one of our experts call 01243 533052