Are you keeping up with the Kardashians?

Hair Inspiration from TV’s Fashion Icons…

Kardashians contentI can’t keep up…can you?

Let me take you back 6 months….to July 2013 in fact!

It was the day a friend introduced me to a new reality TV show family known as the Kardashians. It changed my life! (a little dramatic i know) but it did.  I soon found myself watching hour after hour of their reality show, Now in its 9th series.

It wasn’t the made up dramas the producers had conjured up that drew me in but the hair, make-up and fashion. The 3 elder sisters; Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are the ones grabbing the headlines and press attention. But for me it is in fact the two younger siblings that are stepping up and becoming the ones to watch. Kendall and Kylie are about to turn 18 and explode onto the fashion scene.

Broadcast in over 150 countries the show has made this family a huge global brand and even with them winning awards simply for being ‘beautiful people’

Living and working in an affluent area i notice the styles from these two sisters filtering down onto the high street.  Goodbye to the ridiculous side parting (almost down to the ear, the Chichester sweep over as we call it) and hello to the traditional center parting.  Step into our local Topshop and the evidence is there…. A see of one length, center parting slightly messed up looks.

These girls have NAILED IT! A new direction for teenage hair.  Their style is ‘effortlessly’ cool and the two girls fashion blogs are huge with over 11 million twitter followers.  With big sister Kim earning £15,000 for a tweet naming a brand or product ‘she uses’ these girls blogging about makeup and products helps contribute to Brand Kardashian earning $80,000,000 last year!

So back to the girls…. How easy is it for YOU to achieve their look?  As with anything that appears effortless it does in fact take a little.  The important thing to remember is these girls adjust their look a lot and are huge fans of Ombr’e in various forms.  The key trend is to start the colour 2″ from the root fading down to a lighter colour.

The best tip their colourist George Papinikolas gives is to choose a dark brown base above black;

“I chose for Kylie a dark brown instead of the black she wanted for a couple of reasons. Firstly dark brown to the eye reads like black, but reflects more light therefore giving greater shine.  Secondly the transition to a lighter colour would be easier in the future giving more options for change”

This has to be a top tip!

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