Festival Hair – Get The Look!

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Fishtail Plaits are great for spring and into summer because they look cool and keep you cool! look They can be casual or dressed-up and they’re pretty much rain-proof. So perfect for festivals!!!
Once you get the technique, they’re a much faster option than blowing out your hair. Just what we need girls, hassle free summer hair – phew!
So how can you achieve this gorgeous simple look yourself?

1. Start by gathering your hair to the side and dividing it into two sections. (This is instead of three sections, like you would for a regular braid.)

2. Hold both sections in one hand, separated by your pointer finger, and use your other hand to grab a small piece from the outside of one section.fishtail

3. Pull the strands over to the other half, and then take a piece from the outside of that section and braid the opposite way. Imagine that you’re doing a typical braid, except the moving pieces are tiny.

4. Keep going until you’ve just about reached the end and finish it with a clear elastic. It’s even better if it’s messy, so pull out some strands and stretch out the braid for an intentionally undone look.

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