Sky’s JACQUIE BELTRAO – An Inspiration!

After chemo, my hair is the best it has ever been… just don’t tell anyone it’s not my own!’ says Sky’s JACQUIE BELTRAO



It was at the end of a bedtime yoga stretch, as she brought her hands to her chest that Jacquie felt it: a small pea-sized lump on the inside of her right breast.
This was a start of a harrowing story for the sky presenter that would see her world and focus change for the next 6 months. It was December 23rd when she discovered the strange lump and shortly later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Jacquie is a very healthy woman who has never smoked, is an ex Olympic gymnast who ran and did yoga daily but yet this disease still found its way into her life at 48.

After what must have been a very hard Christmas the results were finally confirmed New Years Eve that it was stage two cancer. She then went on to make the brave decision to have a double mastectomy after tests on her left breast proved inconclusive.
That New Years Eve the family threw a party and Jacquie made the announcement on twitter ( before the story could be leaked ) a clear indication that she meant business and wanted to take control and own this!
Later that month she began the 1st of 5 stages of treatment. Her hairdresser gave her a ‘cute’ Meg Ryan inspired Pixe cut. Jacquie wanted to feel like herself throughout the battle ahead! She used a ‘Cold Cap’ which freezes the follicle during treatment to help hair to stay, this however doesn’t always work.

16 days later her hair began to fall out and after deciding a wig wasn’t for her she opted for a ‘Intralace’ hair system. This takes the form of a thin mesh that is fitted over your own hair, with strands pulled through and then real hair sewn on.

It takes seven hours of painstaking work but the end result was amazing.

“I left that salon with better hair than I’ve had for years. It can be washed and blow-dried, and tonged. I can swim in it. It is real hair.”

This week Jacquie returned back to work to present at Wimbledon, this was her goal from the start. Support from players and viewers have been outstanding.

I leave you with this quote which sums up the importance of stress and LIVING. What an inspiration!

“I need to enjoy life and stop stressing about small stuff, because if you come through cancer you definitely have a very different outlook on life – and that’s no bad thing.”

Its because of women on journeys like this that we began working with My New Hair and Trever Sorbie back in 2012. Since we started our wig scheme we have helped over 200 women through the journey from losing their hair, supplying and fitting wigs and aftercare.Wig2

“it’s the aftercare that makes me most proud” said Gary Ashcroft, Stylist at Creations. “losing your hair is such a difficult time for women but just as important working with ‘new’ hair after treatment is just as important and a massive journey for me and the client!”

Information on our wig service can be found HERE.