Diary Of A Skinbase Girl. by Kylee Charles

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In the first of a number of blogs, Kylee Charles takes us through her experiences as she begins her course of Microdermabrasion at Creations.

I’d heard about Microdermabrasion but never really understood what it was. When I saw that my favourite Chichester salon Creations were introducing the treatment as part of their beauty services, it gave me the chance to find out more.

Over the past five years, I’ve noticed that the skin on my face was becoming pigmented and this year, it really started to bother me. The hot summer was great for ensuring I could be outside with friends and family and enjoy the long and warm days we’ve had, but it came with a price. I had to cover my face with a hat, use high factor zinc sunblock and really take care. I hadn’t really understood what caused my pigmentation but I was noticing that the sun was making it worse and even more obvious. Friends were commenting on how they could see it too. Enough was enough.

I spoke to the team at Creations about their new Microdermabrasion treatments as I wanted help. I learnt how the clever skin-care technique that used tiny crystals to buff away the surface layer of skin. The results for treating sun-damaged, pigmented, aged and scarred skin were great and knowing I’d be in safe hands, I was keen to give it a go.

I arrived at the salon and was prepared for treatment. Lying down in one of the tranquil therapy rooms, my face was carefully cleansed and prepared for treatment. The machine was turned on and it made a dull sound, almost like a gentle engine. I wondered what the process would feel like. If it would be wet or painful? I really wasn’t too sure what to expect. The experienced beautician began the treatment on my forehead. She covered areas of skin in sections, concentrating on fine lines when necessary and paying special attention to the areas of pigmentation; she even did my neck.

The process didn’t hurt at all and I actually found it quite relaxing and it didn’t get me wet, it just left me with a fine residue on my face in places, which was easy to remove and the beautician took care of this. My eye make-up was intact too and although my face was moisturised and protected with sun screen afterwards, the treatment wasn’t evasive, or messy, and I was able to return to work straight afterwards.

I had to ensure I kept my face well moisturised and refrain from using active ingredient products or heavy make-up on it for 12 hours afterwards, but this was easy to do. Understanding that a minimum of six treatments, every 7 – 10 days would achieve the best results too, I made sure I booked myself in for these before leaving.

I was surprised at how I could see subtle differences in my skin the evening after the treatment. The following morning, my skin looked bright, fresh and younger!

I am looking forward to returning to the salon for my next treatment. I am also very excited to see the end result.

To book a treatment contact us on 01243 533052.  The treatment costs £30 with an in depth consultation on your first visit. We cant wait to see you!