Highlights – The Good, The Bad and The Myths!


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What were they thinking?…. As our third and final highlight sale of 2014 approaches I have found myself googling bad hightlights! I know this is wrong but for those who know me you will understand that my when I am not cutting hair I am attached to social media, my laptop and most apple devices…..

So as we approach September and the changing of seasons I thought I would put together a little do’s & dont’s of highlights and look at the many myths surrounding hair. Lets be honest we have all walked down the high street and seen a set of highlights and thought OMG! And as a hairdresser I even try to resist commenting (unless a glass of bubbles is in my hands ) then, im afraid – You’re doomed!

Thankfully the team at Creations is on hand to make you look simply gorgeous! Having just completed the Redken principles of highlights course this summer we are on hand to spice up your colour from a few fashion foils to a glorious but natural full head of highlights.

Now many myths surround hair and its my duty to share these with you…

1) You must not wash your hair before colour.

Actually girls as we head into an era of oil based colours clean hair is best or a day old. 7-10 days and I am afraid gloves and goggles will be required.

2) It’s a different price if you have more than 1 colour.

I hear this one a lot and im sure in some salons this may even be the case…. But at Creations – NO WAY. It’s one standard price and you can have 15 colours should you choose however my golden rule is pick 3 for a natural blended look. (not black, blonde and green however…)

3) If you pluck out 1 grey hair, 2 more may pop out in its place!

Plucking out the hair can scar and damage the root area, but ladies keeping plucking your grey and chin hair…. No more greys will grow than previously…phew!

4) You must brush long hair 100 times every day.

Brush only to style your hair. Brushing pulls hair and damages the follicles and weaken individual hair strands.

5) You can’t colour your hair when pregnant.

No studies have ever proven that there is a reason not to colour and as with foils colour isnt on the scalp there is no risk at all.

6) You can mend split ends with the right products.

RUBBISH if you have split ends your hair will only repair once they are cut off.

7) You shouldn’t brush WET hair.

Now this believe it or not is TRUE. Always use a wide toothed comb as wet hair is far more fragile.

And finally

8) With highlights my roots will show within weeks.

A good set of highlights will blend your natural colour, greys (if you have them) and give you a multi toned look. However if you go much brighter than your natural base your roots will show faster.  Your stylist will advise you on a happy compromise.

As we head into Autumn its often a good time to break up your colour with natural tones and autumnal colours.  Thankfully this amazing summer has been sunny and hot but many of us as a result have lighter hair than normal.

From September 21st we have 50% OFF HIGHLIGHTS so come and see us for a consultation or call  01243533052 to book. And remember NO question is too small and our highly talented team will be on hand to add a little sparkle (and grey coverage) to your locks.

See you soon!