20 Years On From THAT Haircut…

back in 1994
back in 1994

Look how Jenifer and the girls have changed! (or not)

10 years since they last appeared on screen we look at the impact Friends had on hairstyles in 1994 & 2014.

IT’S been 20 years since Friends came on to our screens but the female stars of the show have barely aged. They bounced onto our screen 20 years ago when everyone wanted ‘the Rachel’, which is still one of the most asked for women’s cuts.

The female stars of friends recently staged a reunion on a US chat show, performing in a skit staged in the immaculately recreated set of the smash hit sitcom. It’s been 10 years since the programme ended its 10 season run and this year on September 22, the series celebrates its 20th anniversary.

article-2736414-20DCE17300000578-661_634x400Seeing Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow together again on the Jimmy Kimmel show, one thing was clear – the years have been very kind to them, very, VERY kind in fact!

Jennifer, 45, looked stunning in a black strapless cocktail dress and strappy heels with her famous hair in a long choppy bob. Courteney, 50, was more casual in trousers, a vest top and silver chain, while 51-year-old Lisa Kudrow looked elegant in a long pale blue chiffon shirt with jeans.

What surprised everyone was how little they had all aged!

Who ever became you favourite friend no doubt influenced some of your hair choices over the last 20 years. Now in 2014 Jenifer has remained an icon in hair and fashion and is still one of the most requested styles.

Jenifer in my opinion always gets it right and with a possible wedding later this year I’m guessing the influence of friends will grow for years to come!