The Great British Straight Off

Keep Calm And Fight The Frizz !

Get Winter Ready Hair… and 50%off

fight the frizz

What is the worst thing about the British winter weather, yes that’s right, FRIZZ!

In November Creations will be on hand to fight the frizz with the Great British Straight Off.
For two weeks we are offering 3 straightening services at 50% off to get you winter ready (2nd November – 15th). Its your chance to try these treatments which are a huge trend nationwide, mainly due to the unpredictable weather! So what service is the best for YOU and how do they work?

Redken Smooth Lock Semi-Permanent Blow Dry

A short term blow dry treatment that will last up to 10 washes. This will give you smooth, shiny, frizz-free and manageable hair each time you style. During the promotion we are offering this to try from £30 (normally £60+)

Redken blowdry lasts upto 10 washes.

• Cysteine, a naturally occurring amino acid, helps gently smooth the hair’s pattern and loosen the hold between the disulfide bonds that give hair its shape
• Creates a smoother, more manageable result



• Thermo-Active Polymer seals the fiber and forms a humidity-resistant barrier
• Eliminates frizz and fly-aways
• Locks in smooth, shiny results


KeraStraight is a semi-permanent hair repair, straightening and smoothing system that provides unrivalled condition, strength and shine. KeraStraight is made up of 16 different Amino Acids that are found in the natural keratin (protein) in our hair. Results will last up to four months.

KeraStraight costs from £150 and during the two weeks is only £75.

(KeraStraight shampoo/conditioner is £35 on the day OR £45 any other time)

 Yuko permanent straightening system.

It is designed to change the natural make up of curly, coarse, thick and unmanageable hair to smoother, straighter, sleeker, frizz-free and easy hair. It is expected to last between 6 and 9 months. The styling time for the hair after the Yuko will be dramatically reduced, some people find they do not need to style their hair at all!e hair model yuko straightening

This service gives maximum results and is available from £150 (normally from £300) and takes around 5 hours, so bring a book 

To book your consultation call 01243 533052 and we will arrange a chat with a specialist.