Part 2 – Diary Of A Skinbase Girl by Kylee Charles

kylee stage 2
I’m falling in love with Skinbase. I really am. Since I wrote my last blog I have been along for two more sessions. The first greeted me during a stressful morning, where I found myself rushing around from meeting to meeting but as soon as I lay on the comfortable treatment bed in the soothing treatment room, I began to relax. My skin was thoroughly cleansed and the short treatment began.And once it did, I could felt the stresses of the day melt away and I almost drifted off.

It was nearly 10 days before I had my next treatment and during that time, friends had commented on how they thought my skin was glowing. And I’m happy to admit that I was beginning to enjoy the compliments, especially as I knew they were right!

The reason I booked the six treatment Microdermabrasion Skinbase course with Creations was because I trusted them and as I had been concerned about the pigmentation issues with my skin, I wanted to see quick results and eliminate the issue. What I hadn’t really considered were the changes I would see with my frown lines, minor wrinkles and open pores. I hadn’t really stopped to think that they could benefit from the treatment too, but they were.

I am excitedly waiting for my next treatment, which will be my forth. After recently posing for a selfie with my teenage son for a post on social media, the comments that followed pleasantly surprised me. Friends remarked on how healthy my skin looked and that they thought I looked more like my son’s sister than his mother! Music to my ears!
On closer inspection though, I can see that my skin has changed.

It looks healthier, younger and more vibrant. To support the effective treatments, I make sure that I apply my sunscreen daily, even when it’s overcast. I take care of the cleansing of my skin and have adopted a new regime at home.

I’m falling in LOVE with my skin again I really am!

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