Christmas… Already?

Look And Feel A Million Dollars This Festive Season

I can’t believe we only have 12 weeks to go until Christmas, It feels like summer isn’t quite over yet, and if you are anything like me, I am still desperately trying to hold on to my flip flops and refusing to get my coat out of the wardrobe!

Christmas Hair

But as we all know, 12 weeks will fly past us in a flash, and if you wander around Chichester at the moment, you will see all the Christmas cards and gifts starting to make their way out of the store cupboards, it all starts so early!

When it comes to your hair appointments though, if you are a regular 6 week’er you only have 2 appointments left until 2016, if you come a little less often than that, we may only see you once before the Christmas bells chime.

Beautiful Blond Woman. Curly Long Hair

Although the ‘Christmas hair appointment’ really has changed over the years, we are very much led by our social calendars now, and all the parties we have scheduled in for November and December, don’t forget to arrange your hair or your beauty appointment in advance, making sure you look a million dollars for the events you have leading up to the end of the year.

Another great thing is if you plan it right now; you have 12 weeks to get fit for that little black dress! Get yourself trim (so you can stuff yourself with turkey on the 25th) with this brilliant scheme I have found called Rock Your Dress based in Chichester, it is a fantastic alternative (and much more motivating) than the gym!rock your dress

So, get yourself organised, schedule in your appointments at Creations from now until Christmas, and have a wonderful festive season looking and feeling great!