A New Creations Baby Has Arrived

I love all these crazy statistics of how we spend our time, apparently on average we spend10.3 years of our lives working, 70% of our waking life on social media, and the average employee spends 2 years of their life sitting in meetings!

Jo200x200-200x200When it comes to family, we spend on average 49 minutes a day with them, being part of Creations is fantastic, as we are like one big family anyway. Loyal to one another, bicker from time to time, but will always have each other’s back.

I came in Tuesday morning, and was greeted by our very own Jo Barker, training academy manager, exceptional stylist and all round legend. She was smiling from ear to ear, I did wonder what was up?

Jo had just gone into labour, and thought it would be a good idea to come into work and pick a few bits up, say hi to everyone and get her hair done so she looked presentable. For those of you who know Jo, you will know this is very true to her personality!

Jo and Roland had a beautiful baby boy, on Wednesday 28th October at 5am. Harry Hatcher was a healthy 7lb 2oz. Jo is doing really well and is looking forward to family life.

We all wish Jo, Roland and Harry the very best. It makes you think about new life, family and what’s important to you.