The Journey So Far…

After a 36-hour journey from Gatwick to the Kwa-Zulu Natal region of South Africa, we were all absolutely exhausted! Having been before last year, when we arrived at our destination, the wonderful home of Victor and Rachel, the surgeon of the hospital and a Social Worker, it felt like I was home.

I cannot believe we are 5 days into our trip and we have seen and achieved so much already! This trip is proving already to have as many difficulties as last year. The region has been in a 9-month drought, which for these people is devastating!


We headed out to the communities yesterday to choose the build for the next trip, and touched base with 4 families. One of the families, both parents had died. And the eldest girl, who is 23, is bringing up her 3 siblings. They had recently had a fire in their house, and were homeless.

There’s a young boy of 18 whose parents are dead and his only sister is in Durban 5 hours away. He has built his own house, but been arrested for stealing building materials. The house he has built is amazing for what it is; our builder told us it’s a strong structure so we may help him finish it by buying the door and frame, window glass and a bed.


The last one was a grandmother of 12 children, with so much pride in the little that she had. But not enough space for them all. Which one would you choose? They are all in desperate need; it’s a difficult choice to make.

It’s quite amazing to see the development in the community from last year, and how the money raised is transforming the families in such a positive way.