Creations are Proud to Support Give 4 B.E.T.H

GIVE 4 BETHIn choosing to support Give 4 B.E.T.H. as a local charity, we’re helping disabled children and their families to achieve life-changing dreams. By offering them belief, encouragement, time and happiness we can help them to secure the things they need most to enjoy more in the future.

So will you join our mission to help Erin walk again? see her story below.

Our support, donations and fundraising efforts can help to fulfil so many different dreams. From specialist improvements required in the home to equipment that will aide development and growth, from intense physiotherapy sessions to a life-altering operation.

The money we raise could support children like Erin who was born 10 weeks early at Worthing hospital and spent 5 weeks in special care. Born at a weight of 3lb 14oz everything seemed to be ok with Erin’s development until at 1 year old the health visitor felt that she wasn’t crawling well and referred her to St Richard’s Hospital.

At the age of 2 and after 12 months of tests and physio appointments, Erin was diagnosed with Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. This was both devastating and life-changing to Erin and her family, but not something that would halt them in anyway.

Erin’s cerebral palsy affects her legs which are tight, mainly her right one and her feet are being pulled out of shape by the tightness. Erin is able to walk with a walker or sticks and is very much a determined young lady. She attends and manages mainstream school and will try literally have a go at doing anything.

Currently Erin and her family are going through a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) operation referral process at Bristol Hospital. Once approved the operation will hopefully offer Erin the chance to be able to walk unaided and get to participate in everything she wishes, even just a walk in the woods or to be able to move around the house without having to ask for help is a dream. The cost of this operation is around £40,000, but a price that could change her life forever and for the better.

Through Give 4 B.E.T.H. and when possible, Erin attends SDR Wales for intensive physio that really helps physically and gives her amazing confidence.

Erin loves riding her special trike along with swimming, although her movement is still fairly. The hope is that the operation will help to make these activities a bit easier for her and Give 4 B.E.T.H. as a charity are determined to help and see it happen.

For all the fundraising events we are planning to help this little girls walk, please head to Creations Events