You Are What You Eat

Have you ever had a spell of time where your skin looks dull and you just cannot do anything with your hair? You keep getting blemishes and your hair and scalp are dry and lacking any kind of healthy shine?

Unless there is a medical reason for this, it may well be something to do with your diet and your general wellbeing, I know if I am run down or ill in anyway, my hair will be the first thing that feels rubbish! We are approaching that time of year where everyone is rushed off their feet, and germs are thriving.

Did you know?

Your kidneys control strength and thickness, and your lungs control shine

Take a look at these hair problems, these are the dietary links to them:

  • Dry hair excess heat or stress? – Possibly thyroid problems
  • Oily hair? – Over acidity, so reduce refined carbs and sugar
  • Hair loss? – maybe lack of B vitamins zinc iron and lack of protein
  • Dry itch scalp? – lack of essential fatty acids
  • Dandruff? – this is controlled by the spleen, too many refined carbs
  • Greying? – lack of B5 PABA zinc copper and extreme stress


They say you are what you eat, and every part of your diet will reflect in your hair and skin. Look after yourself this winter, and if you need an extra pick me up, pop in for a shampoo and finish, and add a luxury hair treatment to your service.