Our Marathon Runner, Michelle

If you have followed the team at Creations Hair Salon in Chichester for a number of years you will know that charity is at the heart of everything we do. So far this year (and its only February) we have raised over £8,000 at our annual Hearts and Diamonds ball for Rowans Hospice in Waterlooville, now on to the next project!

Our very focused, very fit stylist Michelle is running the Brighton Marathon! I have so much admiration for this, as I can just about run up the stairs. So we are following her progress between now and April.

EM: So Michelle, how many miles would you say you have run since you started your training?

MICHELLE: I have ran 153.577 miles since I started my training with my personal trainer Lola from Adrenalin Projects, this is since the end of September!

EM: What made you want to sign up for a marathon?

MICHELLE: I have always wanted to run a marathon I just never believed I could. I use to always run until I met my partner, and had a 2-year break from it. My sisters joined me in running the Littlehampton 10k last September and only had 1 week to do my training for it! At the end I received a bag, which had the information of the Brighton marathon. I thought now or never, so I signed up!

EM: So what charity will you be running for?

MICHELLE: I have chosen to support the charity Arthritis UK. I am supporting this charity for my Mum. My Mum has arthritis all over her body, she got it in her late 20s. My mum has had 5 knee replacements, which have all gone wrong. She needs another operation but has got to the point were it may not work again. She will also need hip replacements and has arthritis in her back hips hands shoulders and legs. As a result of this, my Mum is unable to work and is classed as disabled. Everyone knows someone suffering with arthritis and help is needed to find more cures. I also myself have early stages of osteoporosis in my back, which is certainly not good as a stylist.

Arthritis UK was founded in 1936. Researchers helped to develop a new class of drugs called biological therapies, which have revolutionized the treatment of inflammatory arthritis.

To support this cause and help me reach my target of £500 please donate to my JUST GIVING PAGE page