I Have Found the Solution!

Purchasing hair product sometimes can be an absolute minefield and if you’re anything like me and my problem hair, always lacking shine and silkiness, especially through the winter months where are all the elements are against frizzy hair! I have been on a mission for a while to find the perfect product range.

Do you ever feel like your hair needs a good drink? and not one of the alcohol kind! After trying so many serums and oily products in the end I just look like I’ve stuck my head in a frying pan. So when Redken announced they were bringing out a range called All Soft Mega, I did think to myself here we go again but anything is worth a go.

The all soft mega range features a ground breaking hair sheet mask,which is absolute genius.  A bit like a face mask, the product penetrates more deeply because the mask sits on top pressing it into the hair, it’s like having a shower cap on!

The Nutri-Rich hydramelt is a beautiful balm for broken damaged split ends, A perfect product to be applied before bed and left in, the results… my puffy mane of uncontrollable hair had become smooth and sleek and perfectly controllable.

This product is beautifully nourishing and didn’t leave any residue on my hair or make it feel in the slight bit greasy. all I can say is thank you thank you thank you thank you Redken for launching this amazing product range.

For more information or to come and try it give the team at Creations a call on 01243 533052 or EMAIL US