Perception V’s Reality

Don’t get me wrong I am certainly one for all the reality TV shows such as Big Brother, X Factor and Love Island, but when one is launched about your industry, it certainly makes you watch with close intent!

September 17th saw the very first episode on E4 of ‘Super Salon’ a salon based in Sheffield where they delve into the family run business of Cherise and her brother Dan. *WARNING* Please remember this is a TV show! Our industry over the years has had such bad press, and although I am not saying the latest TV show is at all bad, far from it as it is pretty darn hilarious! I do reiterate this is a TV show.

So what is the perception of hairdressing salons Vs the reality

“Hair salons nowadays are so expensive”
Good haircuts aren’t cheap and cheap hair cuts aren’t good, a good standard salon invests thousands of pounds into continual training and education, which will ultimately create the best experience and service for the client. If you take an hourly rate of an average haircut and compare that to an average hourly rate of someone who washes cars, the person who washes cars are charging a great deal more! And remember you always get what you pay for.

“The hairdresser never understands what I want and always takes too much off!”
It’s all about communication, a consultation should be paramount before any service, within this in-depth consultation is it discussed exactly what you would want to achieve from your style, through various tools and visual aids the agreement is then made. I would be wary of a salon who doesn’t see the consultation as one of the most important parts of the service

“I am always so nervous going into a salon, they all look like they have just walked off the catwalk!”
Yes, the hairdressing industry is a very image led fashionable world, we are public facing so will always make sure we look our best, but no more than walking into a high street clothing shop… you should see us at 8am before we start work!

“Most salons are teams of women which can create a very ‘bitchy’ working environment”
The very nature of a female is ‘to nurture’ I can only speak for our team at Creations in Chichester, but I would say our team help, guide and nurture each other… one of our mantras is ‘gossip is harmful… please don’t’

“They always pressure me to buy products”
We always want to give you the best service possible, and remember your hair is the gown you never take off! We only see you for on average 4 hours a year, so in between times we want to make sure you hair is as beautiful and healthy as can be!

So there you go, a little insight into perception Vs reality in salon life, if you want to come and see what we are all about, or to view our lovely team members click HERE and we are always happy to spend some time with you in a complimentary consultation