Vintage Looks for Goodwood Revival

We are so lucky where we live in Chichester, having Goodwood Estate right on our doorstep, with so many events such as the Qatar Goodwood Festival and the world-renowned Goodwood Revival, which if you’re anything like me the chance to dress up, certainly in vintage clothing is so exciting.

It is not only about the long gloves, the pearls, and the fancy dresses. Your hair is the gown you never take off! So let’s take a look at a few hairstyles through the decades to give you some inspiration.

One of the biggest stars of the 1920s was Gloria Swanson With her roaring 20s flapper Style she was the leading lady of the film Sunset Boulevard and seem to collect husbands! racking up around 7 in her life!


Then moving swiftly into the1930’s With the Beautiful Bette Davis and Greta Garbo, the 30’s was all about the waves, with a much softer look than the tight curls of the 20’s with the finger waves being the most popular look of the time.

The 1940’s were all about rolls, waves, pomps and curls. The era of World War II was upon us, the world was in devastation, but Hollywood and glamour still went on! and victory rolls were extremely popular, and if you wanted a quick tutorial on these, click HERE

All I have to say about this is Marilyn Monroe! 1950’s, post war, everyone in celebration. There was something for every length of hair in this decade, from the Poodle Clip, the Jackie Kennedy’s “Bubble” cut, the bouffant, the Vidal Sassoon bob… so many to choose from.

So if you are heading to the Goodwood Revival on the 7, 8, and 9th September, be sure to secure your appointment at Creations Hair Salon as soon as you can where one of our hair up vintage experts can give you the perfect look