Balayage… what is it?

I often wonder when these funky hair trends make their way to the catwalk, what is the history behind them and where have the come from? Some are just the crazy gimmick things that some highly paid marketing and branding team from a fashion house have come up with, but some have oodles of history with them, such as Balayage, a term that came into

So what on earth is Balayage? It is the art of hair painting, based on the French word for ‘sweep away’ Balayage has actually been around since the 70’s in super chic French salons where they used strips of cotton ‘Balayage à Coton,’ which kept the hair separate from the other uncoloured hair.

These days it is a fashion main stay for hair of any colour, not just for blondes. Perfect for redheads and brunettes too, perfect for adding a different dimension to the hair and brilliant for a colour you can better maintain.

So if you are fed up with your current hair colour and thinking of a change, come and see one of our hair colour experts at Creations in Chichester.