Updates on Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion

The definition of fashion:


  1. a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.

So what’s coming next for Spring/Summer 2019?

At the top of the controversial list to start with… London Fashion week in September this was the first year ever they had a fur ban, like or loathe fur, this can only be a good thing! And vegan is the top trending subject in everything such as clothes, hair and food, and so is sustainability! So, in short, the trendiest of the bunch were vegan furless hippies, recycling everything that moved.

Top 3 colours of the season

  • Camel Blonde
  • Deep Navy Blue
  • Steel Pink



Top trending pantone colour is Orange

Top 3 hair colour trends of the season

  • Think 90’s revival
  • Tigers eye technique, taking Ombre to another level
  • Bold pop colour

Top 3 trending hairstyles of Summer ‘19

  • The Neo Braid – tiny braids when the hair is down
  • The DIY Topknot – the classic bun with a twist – twisted french pleat
  • The Dream Girl – Healthy hair, flawless, straight and shiny with a softer centre parting

Top hair accessories for 2019 wide hairbands!

So when you come to see us for your hair appointment at Creations in Chichester, don’t forget we are a creative bunch, we love photos to show what you want to achieve with your hair cut or hair colour, and we are on hand at any point for a free consultation if you fancy a change!