Struggling With Blow-drying Your Hair?

Your hair is the gown you never take off! And even though I work in a salon and trained in hairdressing all those years ago, I am the worst at styling my own hair. I would love to be oh so glamorous all of the time, but with time pressures and lack of know how (and patience) I really do struggle.

So I took a little time to chat with our style guru Tiffany, what this lady doesn’t know about commanding all types of hair into various shapes I never through possible, isn’t worth knowing! With so much dedication and education in hair up and party hair for weddings, prom hair, and blow-drying she really is an expert and specialist in the art of sculpting hair.

Tiffany’s top tips for blow-drying:

  1. Rough-dry the hair to 70% before you pick the brush up
  2. Always use a heat protector
  3. Use a tangle teezer to start with to completely detangle the hair first

Tiffany’s top tips for putting your hair up:

  1. Use a good product to give grip. Redken Powder Grip is the perfect partner in crime
  2. Prepare your hair with a pair of curlers or straighteners to give movement to the hair
  3. Don’t freshly wash the hair, wash the day or night before

And one final tip… Redken’s Brand New styling products, Redken Dry shampoo Paste and Dry Shampoo Powder RRP19.55 is the perfect product for any hair type to add texture and give your blow dry longevity! Order yours now, by emailing us, pay over the phone and we will ship it to you free of charge.

If you (like me) would love some education in how to style your hair, book into our Creations salon in Chichester, West Sussex for a free consultation  and don’t forget to visit our stand at Ede’s House Wedding Fair on the 17th March