Amazing Spring Haircare Promotions

A study last year (2018) calculated women spend on average £58.24 on shampoo and conditioner per year, and I guess if you look at all your cosmetics in your bathroom cabinet, that doesn’t actually seem that much? So, does it matter if you spend £2 or £20 on your shampoo? The answer is YES!

I can only draw parallels to ready meals, if you purchased an Asda smart price cottage pie, and a Waitrose luxury cottage pie… both do the same job, but will have completely different ingredients, one will be full of sugars and salt to bulk up, and will be priced much lower, the other will be full of quality meat, and less of the bad ingredients.

So when you are choosing your next shampoo and conditioner, check the parabens and sulphates (salt) content of the ranges, and do your research online to make sure you are getting the best quality product for the best value.

We have had picked our ranges we work with at Creations, to ensure you get the best quality possible. Redken is our prescriptive brand, offering a wide range of science based products to feed the hair with the nutrients it needs giving you long lasting results. Our second brand is Pureology, which is vegan, sulphate free and paraben free, a luxury haircare range that looks after your colour.

Enjoy a 3 for 2 offer on Redken this spring, purchase any 2 products and receive the shampoo free saving £16.50 and for every Pureology product you purchase, you will receive £5 off!

If you can’t get into Chichester town centre, and you are running out of your haircare fast, just give us a call and we will post your product free of charge.

For more information on the haircare offers we have, contact us