How Often Should I Get My Hair Cut?

Your haircut is all about self-care and self-maintenance, since every head of hair is different, the length of time can vary.

The actual function of a haircut can seem like a chore, when there are so many other things to fit in your daily tasks, the gym, taking the kids to school, walking the dog, work… the list is endless! But it is so much more than that.

Most people I speak to view the visit to the salon as a little bit of ‘me time’ getting away from everything and everyone just for a short while can recharge the batteries, which is why we treat everyone’s visit to Creations as a very special one. Statistics say that the cleansing (shampooing) part of the visit is the most important for them, coupled with the relaxing complimentary head massage we give everyone, a trip to Creations is a real treat!

Our team at Creations in Chichester have put a guide together for you.

A bob or shorter haircuts would grow out faster and loose it shape quicker, hence why you would need to arrange your appointment for around the 6 week mark, it is always advisable to book in advance.

For longer hair we would suggest up to 8 weeks. When your long locks are in need of a cut, you can tell by the ends becoming split and damaged, if your hair is curly, the curls can get way too bulky and getting a tangle teezer or brush through those locks seems like a chore in itself. By having a light dusting on the ends can transform your hair and spring the life back into it.

Hair grows on average around 6 inches a year, if you have finer or thinner hair, it can seem to take a lifetime to grow, if you feel that your hair could do with a kick start, something to promote the hair growth or thicken it up, we would highly recommend a product in the Redken range, called Cerafill. Harnessing the powers of menthol, the shampoo will gently cleanse the hair and remove follicle clogging impurities, and the conditioner will help strengthen the hair fibre.

For more details on how to take care of your hair. Book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our experts