It’s Christmas Jumper Day!

Our team at Creations Hair Salon in Chichester do love a Christmas jumper, so the annual event of Christmas Jumper Day is one of our favourites! Friday the 13th (unlucky for some) was the 2019 Christmas Jumper Day, so out came the mince pies, bucks fizz and what a buzz it created in the salon.

The main reason for pulling on your pullover for 1 specific day of the year is to raise money for good causes, this year we were raising funds for Momentum Children’s Charity. The wonderful team at Momentum support around 200 families directly whose children are undergoing cancer treatment or have a life-challenging condition.

Every day, they support families across South West London, Surrey and Sussex whose children have cancer or a life-challenging condition. Their help has a positive impact in so many different ways:

  • A child’s visit to hospital is made more bearable because they receive their chemotherapy treatment in one of our specially-designed isolation rooms in hospital with colourful walls, twinkling lights and bright furniture.
  • A distraught mum is able to offload her fears and worries over the phone with one of our Family Support Workers, and face the day ahead of her.
  • treat of a big box full of helium balloons arrives from us at the bedside of a very ill child, bringing smiles all round!
  • Our music therapists help a child express their feelings about their illness through song and musical instruments.
  • A sibling, who may be feeling neglected, can enjoy one of our fun-filled pamper parties and meet other siblings who are in the same situation.
  • bereaved family relies on us to organise the practical and logistical parts of their child’s funeral, whilst they focus on just trying to cope.

One of our team, Georgia Ruff, has a personal connection with the charity as they support her 10-year-old cousin who has Leukaemia, her family are so very grateful!

If you wish to find out more about this charity or donate, please click HERE