Why We Recommend You Never Use Home Colour.

I know the idea to colour your own hair may be tempting in these unprecedented time, but home hair colour of any kind is never a good idea. It often ends up with a trip to your nearest hair salon for a colour correction. But of course, the only reason you are even thinking of colouring your own hair is because we are closed due to COVID-19

Professional stylists take 2 years to learn the basics in hair colour and up to 5 years to become a colour expert.

You could end up with unpredictable results

Stylists will use multiple blends of colour to create a unique formula for each guest, along with strategic placements to achieve your look. With box or home hair colour you cannot do this. Different formulations will have different developer strengths and processing times. Hair type, condition & what your colour is currently will make a difference to the formula, we often also need to pre-lighten the hair to get it to a certain base before we colour. Lightening or ‘bleaching’ the hair at home is by far the most damaging.

Colouring at home could end up being costly, with an even worse look than your roots showing & could course problems colouring your hair in the immediate future.

What can you do until we open again?

There are colour powders, sprays, foams & shampoos (we would not recommend shampoos that lighten hair as they can affect the condition, what we can use in the salon after you have used them & often ends in an orange/yellow result).

Here are some temporary products I recommend, that you can get online, or in the supermarkets that could help until you can see your stylist again:

Color WOW Is a colour powder that covers up grey hair and refreshes highlights. This is my favourite for when those nasty lottle grey hairs show through

Redken Root Fusion This is a colour spray that has around 6 different shades

L’Oreal Magic Retouch Root Touch Up it’s the perfect solution for concealing greys and roots with one quick spray.

Redken Color Extend Range These are colour depositing shampoos, the range consists of Blondage for blondes, Graydient to give grey hair a sparkle and Brownlights to give brown hair depth. We have limited stock at Creations in the Redken range, if you need to order Redken or Milkshake please email us and at the time of writing (23rd March 2020) we can organise a delivery to your home

Milk_Shake Colour Whipped Cream This is a colour enhancing foam

For any help and advice please call Creations on 01243 533052, and to keep up to date on when we we open email us with your email address so we can we keep you informed or find us on facebook We will also have a stylist available whilst we are closed to answer any questions about your hair.