lockdown hair cuts

From the start of the lockdown there have been some disastrous haircuts that have floated to the surface of the internet! From wonky fringes to hair-dye gone wrong, we feel as to save yourself from taking any drastic measures, remain vigilant! As Creations is waiting to give you the outstanding service you have been craving!

Although if you have already decided to take the leap of faith, rest assured Creations is on the horizon, making your hair our top priority, these mistakes can be easily fixed by our expert stylists.

We have also included our professional tips in order to keep your hair care in shape without it being damaged or uneven.

  • A light trim can help to reduce split ends but we would never recommend anything drastic as this could impact your hairs well-being massively.
  • Use colour care shampoo, if you are desperate to keep colour in your hair after a long period of it not being dyed rest assured this type of product will help to maintain your colour. We recommend using either Redken or Pureology colour care shampoos.
  • Do not try and dye or change your hairstyle yourself! This could end in tears and Creations will be back before you know it helping to deliver an exemplary experience to you like we never left!

The latest government guidelines (as of the date of writing) is for us to open our doors from the 4th July 2020. Our online bookings will be open shortly, and dont forget we are also at the end of the phone on 01243 533052 to organise your appointments for you