The Connection of Covid-19 and Hair Loss

We usually loose between 50 and 100 hairs a day, often without us even noticing, but if we experience losing more hair than the usual amount, this can be very distressing. It isn’t usually something to be worried about, but it can indicate a medical condition.

Since March, when the Covid-19 became a massive part of our lives, the experts have been researching and trying to understand the patterns and symptoms of the virus. We are all aware by now the main symptoms are a high temperature, new or continuous cough and change/loss of your smell or taste.

As we understand more about the virus, the scientists are they are finding more and more symptoms, one of which is hair loss. The reason for this is anyone suffering with a high fever is likely to experience premature hair loss, fever can interrupt the hairs natural life cycle.

If you do experience any symptoms of hair loss, do not fret, this is where our team at Creations Hair Salon can help! We specialise in a hair loss program, which is our Hair In Recovery service. Alongside this excellent service we have a whole range of hair loss products from our Milk_shake range.

The Energizing Blend Scalp Treatment which retails for £15.49 uses the powers of organic rosemary, sage and Fioravanit balm extract. This magical little treatment invigorates the hair softness, fortifies the hair and stimulates the scalp, and with the essential oils, and eucalyptus it instils and pleasant energizing feeling!

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