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Highlight Sale

We like to reward our clients by offering a highlight sale three times a year. Anything from a half head of highlights to a full head of highlights. Offer in conjunction with a full price cut or finishing service. Please note this does … Read More

I Have Found the Solution!

Purchasing hair product sometimes can be an absolute minefield and if you’re anything like me and my problem hair, always lacking shine and silkiness, especially through the winter months where are all the elements are against frizzy hair! I have … Read More

Introducing… Charlotte!

I can’t believe Creations is 20 years old this year! We have certainly seen some amazing team members come through our door at The Chichester Hair Academy, and it’s so exciting to see the different career paths people take in … Read More

You Are What You Eat

Have you ever had a spell of time where your skin looks dull and you just cannot do anything with your hair? You keep getting blemishes and your hair and scalp are dry and lacking any kind of healthy shine? … Read More

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