Frizz. It’s a word that sends shudders through gorgeous hair lovers everywhere. How often have you created the perfect sleek look and by the time you arrive at the party, or the office, your hair is like a fright wig?

For some, frizz is an ever-present hassle, something to battle every day before leaving the house, adding hours to your morning routine and starting the day off badly. In short, frizz is the enemy, but we can help you beat it!

You can give your hair more than just a fighting chance by creating an anti-frizz regime, using the right products and treatments to ensure frizz is a distant memory, not an ongoing nightmare, lets start from the beginning!

Prices for Kerastraight are by consultation only, however here is a guide for you

Fringe only £50 including a shampoo and finish

Fringe and selected hair line £60 including a shampoo and finish

Full Head From £160 including a shampoo and finish

We strongly advise using sulfate free products after a kerastraight service