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Introducing you to Lottie!

Education is a huge part of our business at Creations in Chichester, educating our team to be experts in all aspects of hairdressing, from raccoon hair extensions, colour experts and specialists in hair loss. We also focus on teaching and … Read More

For The Man in Your Life

Ever tried our Creations Barber Shop at 11 Southgate? Well, here is an opportunity to try our super team of barbers, completely free! Just call us on 01243 533052 or download our app ‘Creations Hair’ to book your appointment. This … Read More

Well Done Olivia!

The Chichester Hair Academy at Creations Hair Salon Chichester has been running for nearly 20 years, and over the time, training in excess of 60 future stylists. Our standards are extremely high, and although we train our students in NVQ … Read More

Welcome Baby Grace!

We would love to congratulate Tiffany and Danny on the birth of their beautiful baby girl. As some of you will know, Tiffany joined Creations 6 years ago, starting off at Creations as adult work experience, and those of you … Read More

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