Coping with hair loss.

Our highly experience and dedicated team, trained by Trevor Sorbie, will be on hand to help anyone through their journey of hair loss through to aftercare should your hair grow back. For those people who choose a wig, some have concerns that the wig may look unnatural or feel heavy.

Our aim is to transform an ‘obvious wig’ into an individual’s ‘new hair’. Wigs can be cut to feel lighter and introduce natural movement into the hair.

Our well trained stylists will be on hand for anyone suffering from hair loss through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone treatments or alopecia.

How do we do this?

We offer a 3-stage process that will help throughout the difficult journey ahead:

Stage 1. We start with a consultation (if a wig is needed), during which our trained experts will guide you in the right direction with style and colour advice.

Stage 2. You’ll be seated in a private room where you can try styles and colours we’ve ordered especially for you with no obligation. The chosen wig (or your own previously purchased) is cut and shaped to suit you, your face shape and lifestyle. This service costs £40.00 when purchased from us.

Stage 3. As hair returns following treatment we are here to offer ‘mini’ tidy ups to encourage a strong new hair growth. For this we charge £30.

Our experts on hand throughout and will guide you through the entire process. To book a consultation in our private room call 01243 533052.

Hair in recovery programme

‘We specialise in medical hair loss’

Hair loss can be a devastating condition. Chemotherapy, telogen effluvium and alopecia affect women from all backgrounds and can cause severe psychological and aesthetic effects. We want to help give women back their confidence and self-esteem.

The Hair in Recovery programme has been developed in consultation with Consultant Trichologist Iain Sallis MIT, who owns the largest number of trichology clinics in the UK.

It offers a tested, approved and trusted hair extensions service designed to be both accessible and affordable to as many women as possible.

The initial consultation will ensure your suitability, identify hair and scalp issues, identify medication limitations, determine your expectations and ensure that your lifestyle considerations are taken into account.

You will receive maintenance and rotation every four weeks, and will also be asked to go into your salon to see your stylist for a five-minute appointment each week after the extensions have been applied.

Prices vary for this service and each appointment is bespoke to each client.