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Life Long Career in Hairdressing

From the age of 14 I was immersed into the hair and beauty industry, as a Saturday girl earning £9 a day, and then on to an apprenticeship. At school, they told me ‘the best thing for you Emma, would be to get a job in a salon’ and it was certainly meant in malice, as if it was the worst job of all… thankfully the perception on hairdressers and salons has changed a great deal! (so have the wages)

Hairdressing is one of the most amazing industries to be in, the fun, the energy and the people are incredibly creative, with such passion and enthusiasm it is one of the only careers I know that you are constantly training and developing, keeping up with the latest fashions and trends, understanding all the new techniques and ways to communicate with your guests.

It is very important to start your career right!… salon… college… whichever direction you choose to train, make sure you find the best place to work, a salon who will give you the opportunities and nurture your skills.

At that tender age of 14 (I am now the other side of 35… yuck), I met one of the most amazing ladies in our industry, Carolyn Sweeney, owner of Creations Hair and Beauty in Chichester. Over the years not only have I been on the receiving end of her support and help, I have seen her support so many others, helping them to achieve their goals, whatever they maybe.

We are on the hunt for the next generation of our team, our young people who can grow with us. Young adults who we can train and nurture to be the best stylists they can possibly be. So if you are up for the challenge, and want to be part of the best salon in Chichester, call us on 01243 533052

By Emma Shepherd… life long advocate of Creations Hair and Beauty